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TRM is All About Temperature of Your PCB

Components and electric current are heating up your printed circuit board.

How hot would it be? Would the final temperature be compliant?
Not any data sheet in the world can tell. TRM is a perfect software for thermal and electric analysis of your PCB.

Import your Gerber, component and drill data to TRM ("Thermal Risk Management") and investigate the thermal risks of your printed board before prototyping, or, use simulation to save costs of manufacturing.

Our software TRM offers a unique combination of:

  • High resolution virtual thermographs of boards and assembies
  • DC Voltage drop and current-carrying capacity in all traces (Joule heating)
  • Steady state and transient. Also PWM power pulses
  • All traces and components included
  • Coupling to environment conditions
  • Coupling material properties to temperature
  • Precision by physics and geometry
  • ALTIUM User: TRM with Wizard interface to Altium Designer (Video).
  • ALTIUM 18 in a nutshell: Altium Designer 18 and TRM (Video) (long version on >Documents>YouTube)

Fields of applications: LED Boards - Automotive - Power electronics - Electric mobility - Mechatronics - Avionics - Space - Backplanes - Converters