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We offer

ADAM Research is offering TRM licenses and consultancy simulation service.
If you are located in the

USA and Canada.  2017: We are looking for a distributor.  Apply 
Korea , please contact  R&DTech
France , please contact EDA Expert
India , please contact GSAS
Israel 2017: We are looking for a distributor.  Apply
Any other territory, please contact ADAM Research  directly.

License schemes
Annual and 2-years licenses. Provided on USB-dongle or FlexNet.
Ask us for a quote or a trial installation using the contact form.
You are welcome to ask us for a test calculation using your data. Students can apply for a free license of TRMLight for their bachelor or master thesis.

Calculational service
Based on your data (layer stack, Gerber files, drill files, component powers, currents, environmental conditions) we calculate the current-carrying capacity of your traces and simulate the expected temperature of your PCB.

You'll find a checklist for necessary data in the contact page.