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CAD Interfaces

TRM is independent of the special output formats of electronic CAD manufacturers. The import works (!) for

  • Layouts via Gerber Files
  • Drilled holes via Gerber or ExcellonFiles
  • Assemble via IDF Files
  • Net list via IPC-D-356
  • TRM's own csv or txt Files (e.g. load cases)

You add parameters such as layer thickness and power losses using the TRM interface or lists. Components can also be graphically drawn and positioned. If you want to make simple modifications to the layout, you can add rectangles and circles in the layers, essentially internal Cu or FR4 components. For Altium Designer, AutoCAD Fusion360+Eagle, Cadence Allegro+Orcad, ZUKEN e-CADSTAR+CR-8000 there is a built-in interface for exporting all layers, pads and parameters and a wizard for importing them.
Video examples for Altium, ZUKEN, Orcad, Pulsonix, Eagle, KiCad, Pulsonix on the   Youtube Channel of ADAM-Research

- Individual interfaces
Are you able to program scripts for your CAD system? We will show you what the data for your specific interface should look like.