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CAD Interfaces

TRM is independent from individual formats of electronic CAD vendors. Import works (!) for

  • layout with Gerber files
  • drills with Gerber or Excellon
  • component placement with IDF files.

Parameters like layer thickness or power loss are added in the TRM user interface or from tables. Components can also be added and moved graphically. If you want to make simple modifications of the trace pattern then add rectangles or circles (made of Cu or FR4) as embedded components. TRM also has gates for MS-Excel.

Altium Designer
TRM has a built-in interface tool for Altium Designer 15 und 16, which automatically extracts all necessary data including net and pad information. Schematics can be used to transfer current and power. A "Wizard" can launch a default calculation immediately. See more: TRM with Wizard interface to Altium Designer (Video).

Transfer your fabrication data in a save way. View a session with our Eagle CAM job using an Arduino demo board.

Self-Made Interfaces
Can you program scripts with your CAD System? We can tell you how files for your individual interface must look like.