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"I have created PCB layouts from simple to very complex, from customer product to space application and I am familiar with major CAD vendors Cadence Sigrity, Celsius, SIWave by Ansys, ICePak, FloTherm etc. and for some reason I always find something the software doesn't allow me to do. On the other hand some of them focus more on Flow Dynamics and others try to integrate these approaches into the PCB world by making some assumptions etc. But what I can say is that TRM does calculations for every aspect I need on the PCB, PCB thickness, material properties etc etc. So TRM was developed for PCB and applies the physical aspects, electrical and thermal... " Ulisses Castro MSEE, California (June 2022)

"I'm playing with TRM this evening and enjoying it a lot. I'm learning from the results (mostly from heat flow maps). This is a wonderful tool for electronic engineers who want to understand the impact of the board tracks, copper pours and planes in the thermal behaviour of a board. " Dr. Jose Toledo, Polytechnic University Valencia. (October 2020)

“We were impressed with the speed of the software compared to many of the others we were evaluating in parallel”. V. Jison, Momentus Space, Santa Clara (July 2020)

"Therefore, the claimed accuracy of ±5 % by ADAM Research for TRM seems to be correct." (Jeffrey Gorissen . Bachelor Project academic year 2018-2019.  PXL University College Hasselt (Belgium) and Yangzhou University (China))
(cf. Table 18)

“I was able to download and install the program without any problems. I ran into a few issues when using the Wizard, but after a few changes to the configuration of my Altium project, I was eventually able to get it to work successfully. I completely repeated the analysis on another project and was able to get through it quite easily. The large collection of documentation, videos, and examples you provided really helped me get comfortable with the basics of this program very quickly. Using the interactive view, I was able to make a clear, informative summary of the results, overlaid on top of the PCB traces.” Greg Insana, Aptiv, Pittsburgh (Jan 2019)

"I'm impressed with your tool. Good work on developing it." An evaluation user from California (May 2017).

"According to the preliminary knowledge that I have about TRM software from online presentations and online videos, TRM software seems more efficient than other popular thermal software used for electronic thermal simulation. As I am hardware designer, I know from real experience that the temperature effects can be critically important, especially in power distribution, signal integrity, and timing signals because copper’s impedance increases with increased temperature even within common design temperature ranges. That's why thermal simulation & analysis as important as the signal integrity simulation in electronic design. I think TRM Software provide more accurate results than other software as it takes into consideration the PCB stack-up ( Prepreg and core material parameters, layer geometries, …) with information about power lines, vias, components power parameters… So with TRM, we can have more detailed information about power dissipation behaviors, have good results close to the reality about heat fluxes, thermal bottlenecks, so we can make a good thermal analysis from TRM results and avoid thermal compliance issues. In order to evaluate correctly TRM software, is better to try it on real design then decide if it really efficient for thermal simulation and if we can use TRM as thermal tools in the future project." Haithem Rahmouni, Electronics Design Team Leader, Tunisia (March 2017).

"Since the end of 2016, I started to think to promote and to start using in my technology/CAD/CAM/packaging labs with my students your excellent thermal simulation tool.": Prof. Dr. Norocel Codreanu, Politehnica University of Bucharest (UPB), and  “Center for Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniques” (UPB-CETTI), Romania (February 2017).

"Have I told you lately how much I love this program!!  (And the power you have built into it.)": Douglas Brooks, Ultracad Design Inc., Kirkland, WA, USA (November 2016).

"So far this has been the software with the best documentation and user experience that I have used and will be highly recommended to my peers": An undergraduate electrical and electronic student from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) in application of a high power thesis (September 2016).

"Awesome looking product. I'm really happy to see someone including the joule heating." Mike Jouppi, Thermal management LLC, Centennial, CO, USA  (April 2014)