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RELEASE TRM 2.3 (May 2018)
· String calculation models into a batch queue

RELEASE TRM2.2.5 (Jun 2017)
- TRM gets it's own menu item [TRM] in Altium Designer.

RELEASE TRM 2.2 (Nov 2016)
- Free choice of path to material library and unlimited path length
- On-line 2D variable preview during calculation
- Extensions in the Altium interface

An EAGLE cam job is available (Jul 2016)
Transfer your fabrication data in a save way. Watch a short demo session of our Eagle CAM job using an Arduino demo board.

We made the top 10 list (Jul 2016)

RELEASE TRM 2.1 (Apr 2016)
-TRM progressed from 1.x to 2.x. In particular the import of Gerber data from Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Pulsonix and other CAD software is ensured. TRM is open to user of any CAD vendor. Additionally it is interfaced to Altium Designer.
- TRM 2.1 (video) offers more than just a calculation of temperature or DC voltage drop. Voltage drop and temperature are influencing each other: the higher the temperature the lower the electric conductivity of traces is. Heat could come from components or the traces themselves. In an extreme situation the process escalates to melting of a trace. These analysis capabilities exceed what more expensive PDN software of many other vendors do provide.
-Temperature is not only a product of heat sources but is determined in equal measure by ambient cooling conditions. TRM2.1 has got 3 new physical cooling models: radiation exchange with nearby walls, localized radiation thus weighting hotspots and cool areas and radiation into vacuum. TRM is suited for rack mounted PCB and aerospace applications.
- IDF files are a true alternative if in drill files the holes are shifted or if tools table and format are missing. TRM2.1 can read drilled holes from IDF but also pins with assiciated component names. Pins can then be brought into the component table for an easy assignment of electric properties.
- For an overview please watch this TRM2.1 video.

TRM Distribution and Support in India (Jan 2016)
GSAS Micro Systems Pvt Ltd (Bangalore) is a new sales partner in India and Singapore.

TRM1.9 is released (Nov 2015)
- "Thermal Wizard" for Altium Designer: a thermal model quickly created from layout and schematics.
- Method for higher frequency power pulses (e.g. bridges circuits in converters)

IPC (Nov 2015)
J Adam is now participating member of IPC 1-10b task group

New investigations and >Documents (Summer 2015)
- Current Densities in Vias
- Via currents and temperatures
- Fusing Currents in Traces
- Trace Currents and Temperatures Revisited

TRM Distribution and Support in the USA (May 2015)
Thermal Management LLC (Denver, CO) is a new sales and technology partner in the United States and Canada.

TRM1.8.10 (April 2015)
- Cables
- Multiprocessor solving
- Interface V1.1 to ALTIUM Designer

Assign current to pads in AD and export net and pad information for TRM.
- 3D viewing

3D view of model geometry.

TRM Distribution in France (Nov 2014)
EDA Expert in Paris is our new sales partner in France:

Webinar Wurth Elektronik (Oct 2014)
Thermal simulation helps in chosing the right thermal management concept webinar Würth

TRM1.8prototype (May 2014)
· Preliminary solder wave simulation
Simulated top and bottom thermographs due to solder wave transition. Please contact us to see more.

TRM1.7 (Dec 2013/Feb 2014)
- Safer operation for fine traces
- Optional new solver needs less memory
- Pulse width modulation analysis
- Data mining
- Results blending with layout
Current density of a 6-layer board with all 450 nets in 100 micron resolution

TRM 1.6 is released (March 2013/Oct 2013)
- Pulsating heat sources
- Pulsating currents
- IDF Reader

Thermal couples :

TRM 1.5 (December 2012)
- Transient heating or cooling with static heat sources or currents
- Optional separation of AC and DC nets (Ac Irms values)

TRM 1.4 (October 2012) Video (15 MB)
- Graphical placement editor
- Gerber-interpreter and Excellon-interpreter
- New intro example in User-Manual (MCP1630).

TRM 1.3 (May 2012)

TRM 1.2 (February 2012)