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Calculate with TRM3. All About Temperature of Your PCB

Components and Electric Currents are Heating your Printed Circuit Board.

How hot would it get? Would the final temperature be compliant?
No data sheet in the world can say that. Our software TRM can do it.

TRM is a perfect software for thermal and electrical analysis ( electro-thermal ) of your printed circuit board. With new TRM3 it is even easier and safer to use than  before (TRM3_Brochure)

Import your Gerber, component and drill data to TRM ("Thermal Risk Management") and investigate the thermal risks of your printed board before prototyping, or, use it to save money in manufacturing (s. FAQ)

Our software TRM offers a unique combination of:

  • Import all layers, prepregs, drilled holes, components, netlist and pads.
TRM Arduino Thermal Analysis Gerber import
  • Can be used with any electronic CAD layout system by Gerber, Excellon, ipc
  • Can also be used by technologists without layout data
  • Easy to use Export and Import Wizard for ALTIUM User. Video (15 mins):  

TRM3 with Wizard interface for Altium Designer (Video)

Parameter in and from schemantics
  • Export script and import Wizard also for Allegro/Orcad and Eagle/Fusion360
  • Export script and import Wiuard for ZUKEN e-CADSTAR and CR-8000
  • Truely easy to use

  • Virtual thermographs all layers and prepregs in high resolution

  • Trace heating (Ampacity) and component heating

PCB Temperature 3D

  • DC Voltage drop and flow of current in all traces
  • 3-phase half-bridge motor control: U, J, T

    Steady state and transient.

Heating curve with permanent heat sources
  • Temperature dependent material properties

Voltage drop

  • Inductance Matrix
TRM: 6 uH, Experiment: 5 uH, EM-Software: 5.9uH
  • Various environmental conditions
    • Air Cooling
    • Conduction cooling and heat sinks
    • Radiation into vacuum
    • Combinations
  • Precision by physics and geometry
Experiment vs. Simulation
  •    Can also be used by technologists without layout data
IPC 2221. Current Carrying Capacity
IPC 2221. Current Carrying Capacity
Heating foil on glass substrate
Heating foil on glass substrate
  • Going in depth with automatic tables

  • Flexible server licensing or standalone
  • Short to moderate computing times on laptop and PC
  • Ask for a trial period
  • Register in TRM Forum

Fields of applications: LED Boards - Automotive - Power electronics - Electric mobility - Mechatronics - Avionics - Space - Backplanes - Converters