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COVID-19 Pandemic Control with TRM3

There are several methods for testing for the COVID-19 virus. A cost effective and fast method is real-time fluorescence analysis (RT-LAMP). More details: Vienna Corona Team

For the a defined reaction of the substrates, all samples in the carrier must be kept at the same temperature. ADAM Research participates voluntarily in the Miriam project by calculating and optimizing the voltage drop in the necessary heating loops and the resulting temperature. In the pilot calculation the heating coil is 18 meters long in a top and bottom part. TRM3 needs only a few seconds for the current density. The geometry comes from an EAGLE design and derived Gerber files. A 1 mm aluminium plate between the top and bottom heating coils has a more uneven temperature distribution than a 2 mm thick plate. The asymmetric distribution is measured qualitatively exactly the same. The aim is to become even more homogeneous and to determine the suitable materials for the next prototypes.

Voltage drop in an 18 m coil
Calculated voltage drop in the coil
TRM3 simulation for Miriam Project
Simulated Trace Heating on 2 mm Aluminum Plate
TRM3 und Miriam Projekt
Simulated Trace Heating on 1 mm Aluminum Plate with TRM3
TRM3 und Miriam Projekt
Infrared image with 1.6 mm Aluminum Prototype



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